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Announcement: Much-loved Salvation Army composer promoted to Glory

16 December 2014 - 3:55pm
| by Joss

With sadness, we share the news of the promotion to Glory* of Lieut-Colonel (Dr) Ray Steadman-Allen OF** on 15 December 2014. 

A Salvation Army minister first and foremost, Colonel Steadman-Allen was known by many musicians – often as ‘RSA’ – for his musical gifts and prolific composing. 

The colonel exemplified the highest standards in all that it meant to follow God through The Salvation Army. This was recognised in 2005 when he received The Salvation Army’s highest honour, the Order of the Founder**. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time. 

Salvationist magazine will include messages in tribute to Colonel Steadman-Allen in the 3 January 2015 issue. 

*The Salvation Army refers to death of members and fellow Christians as a 'promotion to Glory', recognising that though the physical body dies, the soul lives on in 'Glory', that is Heaven. 


Submitted by Nicholas Cooper on

I cannot start to imagine how the 'Soul' enters 'Heaven'
What sort of existance would that be, I for one do not believe in any form of after life, but of course I cannot prove it either way. If there is then it could be Heavenly.
The fact that we are all aware of our demise is in itself very thought provoking.

Submitted by Barry Ogden on

My grandfather Major Ronald Doust was promoted to glory in 2007 and I believe that in his words RSA will compose the heavenly choir some amazing songs. My grandFather held this man in high regard and I think that the above comment as thought provoking as it is should be better used in prayer for the family and their loss and also the loss to the Salvation Army as a great leader in spiritual and enhancement of worship . Prayers are with you all

Submitted by Lieutenant Colo... on

I was very fortunate to be a student of Ray's at Salford University in the early 1990s. Ray's passion and knowledge of everything that was right in music making made a lasting impact on me. His humbleness and very personal contribution to everything we did as students gave us the confidence to realise our potential. A chat with Ray over a cup tea always found out something new about him, anecdotes of his time in the Royal Navy and his beloved garden.

I will remember Ray for the gentleman he was, for the friend he became and the 'light' in all our musical lives. God bless you Ray.

With deepest sympathies

Dr Chris Davis OBE

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