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Announcement: Retirement of General Linda Bond

13 June 2013 - 3:35pm
| by Anonymous

I write to inform you that General Linda Bond is entering into retirement.

Following a period of personal reflection and prayer, General Bond has decided that she should relinquish the Office of the General with effect from 13 June 2013. The General’s decision to step down comes after 44 years of ministry.

As is required by our constitution, contained in the Salvation Army Act 1980, the Chief of the Staff will perform the functions of the General pending the election of a new General.

The Chief of the Staff will also shortly be calling a High Council to elect the new General. A further announcement regarding that High Council will be made in due course.

General Bond, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Education and a Master’s degree in Theological Studies, entered the training college in Canada as a cadet in 1967 and was commissioned as an officer two years later. She spent the following nine years in corps appointments, before being appointed first as a member of the training staff at the College for Officer Training in Toronto and then as Territorial Candidates Secretary. She returned to corps ministry, becoming Commanding Officer of the Kitchener Corps, before serving at the College for Officer Training in St. John’s, Newfoundland, as Assistant Training Principal, Divisional Secretary of the Maritime Division and Divisional Commander of the same division.

In 1995 she was appointed to International Headquarters in London as Under Secretary for Personnel. She remained in the United Kingdom, transferring to the UK Territory as Divisional Commander, Central North Division, in 1998. A return to Canada came just over a year later, when she was appointed as Chief Secretary, Canada and Bermuda Territory.

In July 2002 she was appointed to the USA Western Territory, where she served as Territorial Commander and Territorial President of Women’s Ministries. She returned to International Headquarters in 2005, as Secretary for Spiritual Life Development and International External Relations.

In 2008 she became Territorial Commander of the Australia Eastern Territory. She was elected to The Salvation Army’s most senior office in January, 2011.

We pray God’s blessing upon General Linda Bond as she enters retirement.

Yours sincerely,

André Cox



Submitted by Janet Mann on

This is such sad news. Will pray for General Bond at this time and the Army!

Submitted by Marilyn Craik on

I am so very sorry to see General Linda Bond go. I am disappointed that the above almost reads as an obituary rather than an expression of love and sadness that the Army is losing such an inspirational leader. Having heard her on a few occasions she has been instrumental in challenging, inspiring and motivating me in a way that I'd never expected. I hold her in high esteem as i believe she has truly served Her Lord in the way He planned for her. I pray for her and wish her well in her retirement whilst at they same time thinking 'Do you really have to go'.

Submitted by Larry Grey on

After her two years of leadership and having heard her at Central Congress I thought, what a breath of fresh air for an Army too long in moth balls! I sm saddened to hear this news!

Submitted by Larry Grey on

After her two years of leadership and having heard her at Central Congress I thought, what a breath of fresh air for an Army too long in moth balls! I sm saddened to hear this news!

Submitted by Joseph Wheeler on

Praying for the General and the High Council. We were blessed with her ministry this weekend in the Central Territory. I can't imagine that it was an easy decision. God bless General Linda Bond and The Salvation Army during this time of transition.

Submitted by Eka on

VERY SAD!!!!! No words can explain how sad this news has made me feel. One of the best leaders ever! Shame we will not be able to have her any more! I do pray for many blessings in her personal life. I am sure God will still use her gifts, to bless many people and she will still share her love for God with others!

Submitted by Ian Richardson on

You know when someone is good at what they do, because time under their leadership goes so quickly.
I can't believe that General Linda Bond has been in office for just over 2 years, it only seems like yesterday.
What an inspiring lady, may God bless her in retirement as she was obviously blessed in service.

Submitted by k on

Such sad news a fantastic leader she has been one thinks there is more than meets the eye..I pray that this is not soother case of when general eve burrows went.

Submitted by David Wing on

Very sad to hear this news, I think she has had a great impact upon the SA, a shame she is going so soon. God bless the General.

Submitted by Major Kari Booth on

Sad to see her retire I like having a Woman as General. I am available though - another General Booth?=-)

Submitted by Jeff Davies on

We are losing a prophet - and one with a heart as well as a head. Very sad to hear the news.

Submitted by STELLA on

I have never met the General, but her words and ideas have been inspiring. She obviously has great courage and conviction to take this step and God will use her and bless her wherever she is and whatever she does.

Submitted by Will Chadwick on

Gen. Bond has her fingers on the pulse of God's Army. Her leadership was needed and will be greatly missed. As someone who did not grow up or get saved through the Army, coming in from the outside, she was an inspiration to me and many young and passionate soldiers and leaders. Her fantastic missiology, her passion, her words, her innovative approach to new and flexible methodology, while holding onto the true, steadfast theological roots of our movement, was necessary. I hope the next general picks up where she left off.

Submitted by RH on

Mid all the traffic of the ways, turmoils without, within. Make in my heart a quiet place and come and dwell therein... Shalom General .

Submitted by RH on

Mid all the traffic of the ways, turmoils without, within. Make in my heart a quiet place and come and dwell therein... Shalom General .

Submitted by Colin Styles on

I join the many others who express sadness and disappointment at the announcement of the retirement of General Linda Bond. He passionate speaking at the Congress in London in 2012 was so inspiring. God bless her in retirement - whatever the reason - and may our next General be as inspiring, leading our Army into the future.

Submitted by Jennifer on

Was shocked to hear the news. General Bond is an inspirational speaker. I wish her well at this time, your Army have been proud to serve under you. Gods peace and blessings go with you.
Let us all unite in prayer for our Army x

Submitted by gloria bone on

Sorry to hear this news and havent had an opportunity to hear her in a meeting but l have enjoyed reading about her and to me she is a perfect leader. God bless her.

Submitted by Val Brunson on

Such a shame.......she's been one of the best, but we wish her a restful and enjoyable retirement, and thank her for all shes done for the Salvation Army not only while she has been General but during the whole of her 44 years of ministry for God within the Salvation Army

Submitted by mavis on

Itis with great sadness reading of the retirement of General Linda Bond.I pray that she will still bless others in whatever she chooses to do & i thank her for all the people that she has blessed along the way as General. May God bless her in her retirement.

Submitted by Phil on

Sad to hear the news may the general have a long happy and health retirement. Hopefully the generals progress toward a back to basics centred around the Christ's church will continue. I Hope for sake of the new general such a quick anouchment will not result in a snap decision. Your in His service Phil

Submitted by Glendora Green on

Praying for you as you retire, knowing you didn't go into this decision lightly.

Submitted by William Otaku on

What a shock! Its just like as if a bad news has struck me, maybe i wish for the General to stay. Whatever decision she may make, she will still continue to lead us in our hearts and forever will be remembered. We salute you, our dearest General.

Submitted by Janet Fellows on

It is with great sadness that Ive read that General Linda Bond is retiring. I had the great pleasure of meeting her and listening to her meetings. What a great inspiration she is to us all. May God richly bless her and guide her future plans. The Army is going to really miss her leadership.

Submitted by kfreeman on

here is a officer that has followed her lord for 44 years.we as soldiers of this most valued army.Have been so blessed to have such a wonderful servant of all those years god has been in her service.We now thank her for such loyal service.In her retirement god will continue not only to love linda,but use her in effective service as always.god bless our General.

Submitted by Angela on

I am so sorry to read this news. I personally havent heard her speak except via a video and I was so inspired by her. I hope that she will enjoy her retirement. The Army will miss her leadership.

Submitted by Major Don Hickey on

What a shock to hear the news of the General Retiring after such a inspirational weekend in St. Louis. She is definitely a breath of fresh air for this World Wide Army, and she will definitely be missed. Our prayers are with our General.

Submitted by shelton Mangirazi on

May God Bless you General 44 years of ministry
You fought a Great War I wae salute you we wish you all the Best in Jesus name Amen..

Submitted by Anne smith RS C... on

I am very saddened that this wonderful god fearing lady has gone I am sure we as an organisation will be worse off for her leaving.I may not be one of the great and good but I am proud to be part of the ranks of common man or woman in my case who's numbers are many. General Linda had the a god given ability to reach the likes of the whosoever like me and I am left wondering how many blessings we let pass us by as an army because this leader has left. My prayers will be that we shall agin see a leader who will inspire and fire us up as an organisation to take back the country and storm the gates of heaven. amen

Submitted by Ann B on

So sad to hear this news. She has been a wonderful leader and I had been looking forword to see what she was going to do to help our Army move forward God Bless you General Linda Bond.

Submitted by Jean Volant on

"I was greatly surprised by this unexpected news acknowledging her personal commitment to the work of God, her strong leadership and great service to the Salvation Army throughout the world. We do not have this sort of event happening ordinary. But at the same time, we need to respect and accept her decision. The General has acted politely and as such we must commend and reverence her decision. Although, the letter stated that “Following a period of personal reflection and prayer, General Bond has decided that she should relinquish the Office of the General with effect from 13 June 2013”. We wish to extend our appreciation and prayers to her for the wonderful Congress November 2012 she led in Kingston, Jamaica while we celebrated 125th years of the Salvation Army in the Caribbean Territory. It was a wonderful congress she has really blessed our hearts and spirit filled that the Lord used her in a mighty way; she is really a great woman of God. I do believe she will always have a special place in the hearts of the Salvationists of the Caribbean Territory and I wish her well while she is entering into retirement after 44 years of ministry to the Lord in the Salvation Army.
And I also take this opportunity to wish all the best to the Chief of the Staff Andre Cox along with the High Council who will soon gather to choose our former General Linda Bond’s successor."
May the Lord continue to bless our Army.

Submitted by Irene Cherpillod on

I pray for Gen. Linda Bond and I am very thankful for her commitment and life for The Salvation Army. I wish her Gods blessings for the coming steps of her life and a joyful and peaceful retirement. May God bless the Army and give wisdom to Andre Cox for his leading actions and decisions. May God bless the High Council and give wisdom. Glory to God only!

Submitted by Matt Little on

Praise God for our sister Linda's wisdom and boldness to discern the will of God and act on it. The Bible is peppered with stories of God-appointed leaders who hear and act on their Master's voice and then witness shock/confusion/disdain from the people they lead, who wish to understand the reason why. It is fantastic that there is so many supportive comments on this page. Perhaps brother Joseph and sister Linda have started a godly movement of senior leaders wise enough to discern God's calling for the Church? Bless you Linda, and may you experience God's all-encompassing love, rich joy and healing peace in your retirement - as well as many adventures!

Submitted by DEREK MARSDEN on

General Linda Bond showed all salvationist's what a true and faithful servant of GOD she is.One only had to see her and hear her inspiring words to feel uplifted and appreciated for what role they were taking in our world wide organisation as an individual person.She made such an impression on me when I first met her as a new convert to the Salvation Army and through her,I know GOD was speaking to me and I was able to tell her this fact and I received her reply.I will never forget this wonderful LADY and servant of our GOD.Every blessing to you Linda Bond.

Submitted by Edwin Masih on

It is an unexpected news which make me very sad. I was personally blessed through her visit to India Central Territory in the begining of this year. She is a God fearing and spiritual lady. I pray that God will bless her ministry even after retirement.

Submitted by margaret on

so saddened to hear this news. whatever the reason for this decision General Linda's heart was in the right place calling us all back to our roots. God Bless her. Not ours to question her decision.

Submitted by Rosie Hunter on

I experienced my first congress last year in London and have never heard such an inspirational, motivated and passionate person as General Linda Bond, God bless you in your retirement.

Submitted by major lazarus m... on

A gifted servant of God,an excellent leader of the worldwide army,God bless you in your retirement,we are praying for you.

Submitted by David White on

I can only agree with Rob Little's earlier sentiments. It is so obvious that we need a younger General in these days of extended travel. Surely any candidate does not have to be of Commissioner rank?

Submitted by Leanne on

We thank God for all that He has accomplished through our General. We pray that God's peace will continue to guard her heart and mind in Christ Jesus. While so surprised and saddened to hear of the sudden retirement ... I am comforted by the knowledge that this hasn't taken God by surprise and am so very aware that He is still on the throne so all will be well!

Submitted by Regula Trummer on

It is really sad: The Salvationarmy is losing a great woman in leadership! But: The impact of her authentic example of faith and passion for the Kingdom of God will go on! Thankfull we had this great Lady as our General! May God bless and comfort her in this days.

Submitted by jayanadharao chinta on

i was shocked to read the news. though i have not seen her personally, i appreciate her spiritual motivation shown to the army world. May god bless you General Linda Bond. I assure you we will continue every thursday prayers.Happy retired life.


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