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Give water – give life for World Water Day

22 March 2013 - 3:00pm
| by Mary

In recent years millions of people received access to clean, safe water for the first time – and The Salvation Army is working harder than ever to ensure more of the 783 million who don’t have access, soon do.

Access to clean water is vital in the fight to end extreme poverty – it improves health, hygiene, education and productivity. It increases crop yields, reduces infections and gives children more time to spend in schools rather than making long trips to collect water for their families.

Marking World Water Day (22 March 2013) Salvation Army International Development (UK) is encouraging people to get involved in the move to bring clean, safe water to everyone across the globe – to literally Give Water and Give Life to communities.

On average it costs £10 to give a person access to clean water. People like Kakwesi. Kakwesi, 68, lives in Kenya. Every day she makes four two-kilometre-round trips to a riverbed, where she digs in search of water for her and her grandchildren. She cannot carry all the water – which she will use for cooking, drinking and washing clothes and utensils - in one trip. At times the water is not clean enough and it makes Kakwesi and her family sick. She said "The water that I get from the river is used for cooking, drinking and washing clothes and utensils. Sometimes I grow plants like mangoes but I have to take extra trips to the river to water them".

The Salvation Army, through its Watershed appeal, runs a number of projects so people like Kakwesi can access clean water in their community. Read Kakwesi’s story online or order International Development’s latest resource pack to see how The Salvation Army is doing this and how you too can make a difference.

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