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Promotion To Glory Of General Eva Burrows - (Retired) 1929–2015

21 March 2015 - 4:06pm
| by Brent

Retired General Eva Burrows, who served as world leader of The Salvation Army from 1986 to 1993 was promoted to Glory last night (Friday 20th March 2015) in Melbourne.

General Eva Burrows was born in Newcastle, Australia, in 1929, to Salvation Army Officer parents and was one of nine children. She studied English and History at The University of Queensland before beginning her training as a Salvation Army Officer in 1951.

In the 1970s General Eva became the leader of the Salvation Army’s Social Services for Women in the UK. After three years as Territorial Commander in Sri Lanka, General Eva returned to the UK and took up a post in Scotland, before returning to Australia in the early 1980s and was made General in 1986.

During her life General Eva was very active in working to improve social services and help the most vulnerable people in every community. She was instrumental in making great strides in providing social services, particularly in Scotland and as a result there are a number of Salvation Army centres named after her. Right up until her death she worked at The Salvation Army 614 Project in Melbourne supports people experiencing homelessness.

Territorial Commander for the UK and the Republic of Ireland, Commissioner Clive Adams, said: “We thank God for the Life of the truly inspirational General Eva Burrows. Thanks to her passionate dedication to welfare reform which has helped to shape The Salvation Army many lives across the world lives have been changed, particularly in this territory.

“I join Salvationists around the world in remembering a leader who has made an incredible difference. The legacy of her work will continue to live on across the world.”


Submitted by karen whaley on

She ran her race. I'm sure this inspirational, hard working woman of God was welcomed home with singing!

Submitted by Alex Boateng on

She was such an inspiration to young Salvationists during her era as the General of The Salvation Army. Servant of God Well Done!

Submitted by Alex Boateng on

She was such an inspiration to young Salvationists during her era as the General of The Salvation Army. Servant of God, Well Done!

Submitted by Kirstyn Berris on

My Dad,Colin, spent some years working closely with this fantastic Lady and I have a fond memory of sitting on her desk as a (+/-) 3 year old answering her phone :-)
You will be greatly missed General

Submitted by linda harris on

You have heard your Masters words, Well done thou good and faithful servant.

Submitted by Mark Walton on

I would say being Territorial Commander of the Scotland Territory was more than taking up a post...

Submitted by Dorothy Ross on

I had the privilege to serve, Commissioner Eva, at Vandon House Hotel, in London,1982.
I remember the day, she was leaving for Australia.
And Commissioner Wes. Harris, going to Scotland, meet at Vandon. Two great Leaders, in the same room.

Submitted by Scott Grierson on

Our loss, is Heaven's gain. A remarkable woman who worked tirelessly to the end. As the song from the musical 'Joseph' says (but I am sure ALW won't mind one change to the lyrics), 'There's one more Angel in Heaven, there's one more star in the sky. 'Eva (or GenEva) we'll NEVER forget you,it's tough but we're gonna get by!'. As TC in Scotland, she was an amazing force. She came to our Corps and I was asked to sing a solo. I did as requested, accompanying myself on the piano and when finished, I will never forget her sincere thanks to me. Later, she grabbed my arm and said, "not so quick young man (I was about 18 at the time), I want to thank you for your contribution more personally. You touched a lot of hearts this evening and your effort was very moving. You have an amazing talent, as to sing AND accompany yourself on the piano at the same time, flawlessly, is an amazing God given talent and I hope you continue to use it for His glory!". Those words have never left me. She was a believer in encouraging young people, a thing she did well. 'Well done, thou good and faithful servant!'.

Submitted by Jean Wyness on

I had the privelege of knowing Geneva inUK and visited her home in Australia
when I visited my family in Adelaide,many happy memories in both places.

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