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Update: The Salvation Army respond to Grenfell Tower Fire

14 June 2017 - 12:12pm
| by emily

The Salvation Army can confirm that two of its emergency response vehicles are at the scene of a critical fire in London. Volunteers arrived at 3am following a request to support the coordinated effort from the London fire service. They have been, and continue to support all emergency service crews as firefighters, police officers and the ambulance service continue to work tirelessly.

The Salvation Army runs a number of emergency response teams across the UK, which offer support to our emergency services with on-site refreshment and emotional support, and by directing individuals who are affected by incidents to care or rest centres.

The Salvation Army’s emergency response vehicles attend between 170-200 call-outs per year.

[Donate to our emergency appeal here]

Midday update

The Salvation Army is coordinating an effort to support emergency services at Grenfell Tower in West London through the rest of the day, into the evening and possibly into tomorrow and Friday. Its emergency response van will remain on site to offer support to all emergency service crews and provide guidance to members of the public looking for places of rest and safety. Salvation Army volunteers are on hand to man its emergency response van while local Salvation Army corps (church) members are coordinating donations of food and refreshments for emergency services and donations of items such as toiletries for use by the designated rest centres. As part of the coordinated local community response, our corps in Notting Hill is opening as a Family response centre and will be operated by a team of Salvation Army volunteers.

Captain Ruth Gray, who with her husband Karl, has been co-ordinating The Salvation Army's emergency response on the ground, said: "We have an understanding with the fire brigade, who asked us to come and support at this tragic incident that happened early this morning.
"We drove to Shoreditch Fire Station, where our emergency response van is located, and that is permanently stocked with food - chocolate bars, crisps and cans of pop.  We picked up items for sandwiches on the way from local shops so that we can support the emergency services and anyone at the incident who needs our help.

"It is horrendous. I have never seen anything this tragic. People are really glad to have someone be kind and offer them a cup of tea, someone who is just prepared to listen to them."

Ruth asks that people keep those affected by this incident in their prayers. She adds: "People have witnessed things they would rather have never seen. People can pray for the people who will provide long-term support. People have been made homeless, their homes have gone and how people deal with that I don't know. We pray that people find hope in a really horrendous situation and we pray for the emergency services who continue to work so tirelessly."


Submitted by Ems Hancock on

Hi there, I am a mum in Manchester and want to support the SA as they work in London. I can organise our school mums to send donations to the families in need. What do you guys need most? Clothes? Toiletries? Where would I send them? can you send me a list please? x

Submitted by Joss on

Hi Ems, thank you for your kind thoughts to those affected, we're currently not taking donations, although we'll notify you if this changes. God bless, Sally


Submitted by Jennie Rivers on

People will want to donate, even if its just toys for the children and clothing, money is probably most useful. Where can they send things to help.

Submitted by Naomi Dannenberg on

Hello, I run a playgroup and the mums want us to do a fundraiser. I know you're not taking donations as such but can we donate money? Regards, Naomi

Submitted by Ravi on

Spare room (for upto 4 people) available at hainault for #grenfelltower affected. Please let me know if this will be of help - especially for those who want/need privacy at this time.

Submitted by Jackie Braithwaite on

Love from Staffordshire, if your doing bucket collection in the Burton area, I can help. 07484734293

Submitted by Joss on

Thank you for all your kind messages.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the kindness of people donating items to our church on Portobello Road. Generosity has proved sufficient at present & we will call on the public if we need additional items for people affected. In the meantime, you can support our emergency response teams by donating to our appeal on our website:

God bless, Sally

Submitted by Judy on

Feeling powerless in rural Gloucestershire, I went straight to the SA website, confident that you would be working as always where the need was greatest. Yes, my thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this dreadful event - as a retired police officer I can identify with the stresses and strains sustained by the emergency services - but my prayers are also with and for all the SA Officers working to make everyone else's life better. I have donated a small amount of money - I feel I can trust you to use it wisely. God bless you all.

Submitted by val evans on

Devasted. As a Gran i have things I can donate, as well as cash. Families will need short term-replacement items like push chairs, clothes, toys, everything. If you are collecting, please let us know and we can bring good clean wanted items from Wales.

Submitted by Lucia Costas on

What will be the best way to help/volunter. I am free in the afternoon.

Submitted by Anonymous on

Spare room for two available in Acton - is someone at Salvation Army coordinating this or who else should we contact? Thinking of everyone affected - we are here to help

Submitted by Patrick Rudden on

I am so glad to see that you are at Grenfell Tower. As one who was part of The emergency Response Unit with Joe Burlison \t Hoxton in the 1970s I know how valuable the SA presence is to all involved. I shall feature this in Our Service (Methodist) this Sunday. Rev Patrick Rudden (formerly Capt Patrick Rudden.)

Submitted by John Ferdinand on

It saddens me that your work is never mentioned ( as far as I am aware) by the media..
God bless you all who are bringing hope and relief to the many families involved and the rescue services.

Submitted by Gillian Parker on

My respect for your work grows every year. I'm not conventionally 'religious', but I know that your work supports and holds people in loving hands until they are able to move on again under their own steam. Whether emergency service personnel needing a break, local people devastated by what they have seen and their perceived helplessness, or those most directly affected by this appalling event, I know that you will be there and will hold them for as long as they need.

Submitted by Mrs Marion Angel on

I have ladies clothes (Some still new unworn with tickets on) Size 22 24 dresses etc & 26 this a pink designer trouser suit 3pc with colourful patterned blouse) Have noticed some of the ladies are about these sizes. If of use will get them to London. (Enough rec'vd already I know) Buy in the moment am sz 20 so contact if reqd. Am lifelong S A. Hair brushes, combs, any other bits & pieces needed ?

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