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Update on back-to-work schemes

21 March 2014 - 3:00pm
| by Anonymous

Recent Government figures showed that over a quarter of a million formerly long term unemployed jobseekers are now in sustained employment as a result of the Work Programme. With young people doing well on the programme, 49% percent of all those referred gained a job on the programme to date. The figures also show that jobseekers are more likely to achieve work the longer they are on the scheme, reflecting the amount of support that many long term unemployed people need to access the labour market. 

However, although we have seen first-hand the positive benefits people gain from being in work, volunteering or taking part in a work experience placement, we will not be participating in a new government programme called Community Work Placements or CWP which will start at the beginning of April this year. CWP is aimed at benefit claimants who did not find sustained employment during their time on the Work Programme. 
We feel that a 26-week work experience placement is too long and would not be beneficial.  If someone has not found employment within two years, the lack of work experience is clearly not their only barrier to employment.  Our concern is that the underlying issues need to be dealt with holistically and work experience is a part of the support needed. As such, we will not be taking part in the Community Work Placement programme. 

Read more about how we help people get back into work here. 

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