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The War Cry – The Salvation Army’s iconic 133 year-old newspaper – goes digital

23 November 2012 - 12:00am
| by Gaby

The UK’s most popular Christian newspaper, The War Cry, is being published in digital format for the first time.

The historic weekly publication has been sold on streets, in pubs, clubs and in corps (Salvation Army churches) by Salvationists since December 1879.

From this week, it is embracing the latest technology to attract a new audience and is now available via a free downloadable app on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. The new edition comes just three years after the newspaper moved to an updated compact format.

“The War Cry is an historic newspaper which was revolutionary when it was created. We are continuing this tradition and embracing the latest technology to engage with a new generation of readers,” explains The War Cry’s Editor, Major Nigel Bovey.  

[Get The War Cry app]

He adds: “The digital edition will be available in addition to the traditional printed newspaper which is sold by Salvationists in pubs and on the streets of cities and towns across the UK. The digital edition is in keeping with the Salvation Army’s evangelical tradition of taking the Christian gospel to where people are.”

The War Cry was first published by the founder of The Salvation Army, General William Booth, on a small printing press at the church and charity’s headquarters in Whitechapel, London 133 years ago. Just 1,400 copies were printed and sold on the streets of the city for a halfpenny.

William Booth wanted to spread the good news of God, and inform readers of the newly established Salvation Army church and its work helping the poor and vulnerable across Britain. Every week, 45,000 copies of the newspaper are now printed in the UK. The Salvation Army continues the work begun by its founder, and now helps vulnerable and marginalised people in 125 countries around the world.

The digital edition of The War Cry is available for just 69p for Apple devices from its Newstand and App Store once users have downloaded the free app. Subscribers can also purchase a monthly subscription for 99p and a year’s subscription for £9.99. A version for Android tablets and smartphones is available from Google Play.

Martyn Croft, Chief Information Officer of The Salvation Army, says: “We are embracing digital publishing technology to make The War Cry and other Salvation Army publications available to a wider audience. Working with the online publisher YUDU, The Salvation Army has been able to design an engaging newspaper which is able to reach out in new ways to the digital generation.”

Kids Alive! – the UK’s only Christian weekly comic – and Salvationist, the newspaper for members of the church and charity, are also available on Apple and Android platforms.

For more information about app, visit The Salvation Army’s website:

Read: Get The War Cry app
Read: Get the Kids Alive! app
Read: Get the Salvationist app


Submitted by Ian Johnson on

I am very pleased to see that the Salvation Army embraces new technology and takes full advantage of the different ways it can reach out to a wider range of people in the community, as well as those who are ill and unable to attend the weekly meetings.

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